DRUM 'N SCHMOOZE--awesome fun for all ages

Hi Everyone! DRUM ‘N SCHMOOZE was last Saturday at the Southern Vermont Arts Center. It was fabulous! Great people, amazing music, wonderful brownies, awesome setting, what could be better? It’s so cool to hear the raucous, primitive sounds of the drums ringing out in the refined space of the arts center–just a wonderful combination of […]

PARENTS, KIDS, & MUSIC--a starter guide

I have worked with music my entire life, in education and in performance, with all ages, from little kids to the elderly. I’ve had years of formal training and I can say, without question, that the music experiences I had as a kid with my parents still influence me every day, they impact on me […]


Once I was at a networking dinner, telling someone about group drumming, and he started laughing at me. “Is there anything drumming isn’t good for?” he asked. I laughed, too, realizing that I probably sounded like I was selling something from the olden days called snake oil. Snake oil was fake medicine sold by fake […]

RHYTHM HAS NO EXPIRATION DATE--drumming with the elderly

A woman stood outside a room in a seniors’ center where I was facilitating a drum circle for about 15 people. “Come on in,” I said. The woman peered in, interested, curious, but she stayed at the door. “Join us!” I said, smiling, waving her in, eager to make her feel welcome.

“That’s Molly,*” said […]

THE COOLEST THING I EVER MADE--drum along app & video

I made an app. A video and an app. It’s the coolest thing I ever made, or at least, one of them. (My kids are pretty high up there!)

You know how sometimes you do something and it just feels right? Just comes out right? I mean, you know there are things that might […]

RACHMONISS & RHYTHM--drumming & compassion

You may be wondering about the name of this post, RACHMONISS & RHYTHM. “Rachmoniss“* is a Yiddish word. It means compassion, but like a lot of foreign words, a plain translation doesn’t do it justice. Yeah, it means compassion–also mercy, caring, empathy. Feeling for someone else deep in your soul. Taking someone else’s troubles into […]

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