• Teach music and non-music faculty to facilitate drum circles.  Saragail models drum circle facilitation with kids and teaches faculty how to keep the programs ongoing.  This way, instead of a one-off special program, you’ll have access to drum circles year-round.  Saragail will work with you to devise a training/modeling schedule to help you meet your school’s specific goals, will show you inexpensive or free sources for instruments, will provide you with resources for further training, and will act as an ongoing resource as you develop your program..
  • With 30+ years working in Arts Education, Saragail can help you enrich core curriculum with arts programming.  Many teachers feel extremely pressured these days, complaining they don’t have time for arts enrichment.  Saragail can help you find ways to use the arts to facilitate learning, so that rather than detracting from your teaching time, they enrich the educational experience, helping kids learn and grow.
  • Teambuilding and leadership development for teachers and administration
  • Stress reduction for teachers and administration.
  • A program specifically designed to meet your current goals.

Saragail draws on 30+ years’  experience working with teachers to design and implement Arts in Education programs, for Lincoln Center Education in NYC, for Westchester Council for the Arts, and under her own banner.  

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