LA LA LA LIBRARY–Summer of 2018 I did programs at 27 VT libraries.  Watch the video and play the guess-the-character game!  Make up your own character riddles!

THE DEWY DECIMAL SYSTEM SONG–Melvil Dewey sings and dances an introduction to his famous book classification system.

TURN AROUND ROSH HASHANAH–A musical Rosh Hashanah card.  L’Shanah Tovah!  Everyone have a good year!


DEEP DOWN–Music video with payalong app to benefit sick kids.  Click here to play along for free!

BIG KIDS DRUMMING–Grade school and high school kids love to drum!

LITTLE KIDS DRUMMING–Little kids love to drum!

CORPORATE DRUMMING–Inaugurating Reckitt-Benckiser North American headquarters with 500 drums!

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