Step 1:  We listen to your problems.  Does any of this sound familiar?

Step 2:  We customize a training solution.

Step 3:  Positive business outcomes.  You reap the benefits.

  • People don’t talk to each other.  Teams bicker and miscommunicate.  Customers suffer.  Profit suffers.
  • We facilitate your team playing diverse drums together, then help them use the experience as model and springboard for setting their own best practices.
  • When people set their own standards, they become invested, increasing follow through.  Productivity improves.  Your customers win.
  • People are so stressed they can barely cover basics, let alone grow business.  Many sick days, frequent turnover, lowered revenue.
  • We facilitate a series of 6 group drumming sessions, following a clinically proven stress-reduction protocol.
  • Illness, turnover, and inefficiency are reduced.  Retention improves.  Productivity grows.
  • We’re planning a weekend retreat, but know the real work won’t start until Sunday AM, after everybody’s spent Saturday night hanging out at the bar.  We lose Friday and Saturday.
  • We lead an ice-breaking group drumming session on the first night of the retreat.
  • This bonding event gains you an extra day of work time.  Retreat dollars are well spent.  Meeting objective are met.
  • Some people complain about being micro-managed.  Others complain they have no clear direction.  We need to clarify leadership.
  • We empower participants to take turns leading a group drumming session, trying a variety of leadershp styles, collaborating on winning strategies.
  • Teams are inspired.  The true value of each employee is realized.
  • With all the pressure we’re already under, how can we innovate?  But if we don’t, we’ll lose our competitive edge.
  • We facilitate improvisation in a group drumming session, leading directly to project development. 
  • New ideas explode.

Let us design a Teambuilding & Leadership program just for you!

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