THE COOLEST THING I EVER MADE--drum along app & video

I made an app.  A video and an app.  It’s the coolest thing I ever made, or at least, one of them.  (My kids are pretty high up there!) 

You know how sometimes you do something and it just feels right?  Just comes out right?  I mean, you know there are things that might be better about it, maybe there are little things you would fix, but mostly, it’s OK.  Cool.  Fun.  It works!  You watch it get up on its own two feet, walk out into the world, and start its own, good life.

That’s how I feel launching this app, until I don’t.  Until I feel nervous.  Scared.  UH-OHHHHH!!!!!!!  It’s OUT THERE!!!!!!  And if it’s out there, so am I.

Being out in the world can be scary/exciting/nerve-wracking/wonderful.  Like anyone who works on a big project, I sacrificed a lot for this, poured myself into it, enlisted tons of help. 

As nervous as I sometimes feel, I like the project.  I believe in it.  I have fun with it.  I’m proud of it and of my collaborators, and all the wonderful volunteers.  I’m enormously grateful for all the help I got.  The purpose of the project is to help kids–the project itself is therapeutic, and hopefully, it will raise funds to help sick kids.  So it comes from an altruistic impulse.  Helping.  It’s a true, good thing, made by a lot of people, to help many more people, most of them, surely, strangers we will never know.

The miracle of the internet means that someone like me, all on her own, can make an app and share it with the world.  I’m giving a party on my website, a drumming party, a silly, fun, noisy, ridiculous party that will help people and make them feel good.

Come to the party!  Come and play!



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