Meet our Creative Team…

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 6.23.30 PMSARAGAIL BENJAMIN-Producer, director, composer, lyricist, paintings for animation
Saragail has led group drumming programs for 1000’s of people, from kids to top corporate execs. For this project, she drew on her songwriting background, on countless hours of leading stress reduction and healing drum circles for cancer patients and other special needs groups, and on her experiences conquering difficulties in her own life. She is eager and excited to share this project with the world. More bio info for Saragail 

1609938_744300558955886_5619393536633349479_nAMES HILL PRODUCTIONS-Andy Reichsman & Kate Purdie-Live Action Production
Kate & Andy have years of experience, including work with 60 MINUTES, Billy Joel, John Cougar Mellencamp, & Earth Wind & Fire. They’ve worked extensively with kids and music.

10451723_753539388032003_2341422801756626947_n-2JOHN MICHAUD-Animation
John animated Clippy, the notorious Microsoft Office paperclip. This year will see the completion of his 7-minute cartoon, “The Adventures of Baxter & Clyde”, about a 1960s Maine boy and his supernatural pet duck.

Corin is a Grammy Award winner, Zone Music Award winner, & recently worked with Pete Seeger on his last album. Corin brings expertise, exactitude and a wonderful positive energy to the project!

BYTES.CO – App Development & Website Maintenance is a full service website design & internet advertising firm based in Burlington, VT. Special thanks to Greg Schoppe, who was lead on the team that developed the wonderful play-along app that accompanies the video.

Produced and directed—Saragail Benjamin

Meet the Singers & Actors…


Girl—Cassandra Beske Dunn

Boy—Aidan Salasin-Deane

Mom—Elaine Chila


Sophie Bady-Kaye

Sky Borax

Luke Chila

Katie Kelly

Nan Mann

Esther Martel

Sophie Martel

Judith Reichsman



Lead vocals & character voices—Saragail Benjamin

Girl—Katie Kelly


Chris Beateley

Gretta Bendik

Aaron Benjamin

Luke Chila

Alex Diaz

William Keane, Jr.

Ben Kohn

Tor Krautter

Jen Schultheiss

Melissa Tangerman

Joseph Voto


Mary Alcantara

Eileen Beach

Devin Boshart

Greg Boshart

Navarrete Cancio-Bello

Gail Carbonaro

Isabella Chila

Riley Chila

Barbara Clark

Casey Deane

Toni Dee

Corey Dunn

Patricia Dupree

Drew Engard

Natalie Engard

Harvey Flaxman

Jan Gustafson

David Heisler

Valerie Heisler

Barbara Kane

Andrea Kaplan

Mark Kaplan

Maxx Kaplan

Miles Kaplan

Janet Kleinberg

Nancy Landis

Frank Lewis

Merrily Lewis

Chris Lima

Gretchen Lima

Elizabeth L. MacNamara

Jonathan J. MacNamara

Ellen Maloney

Blake Moran

Kelly Patrick Moran

Carol O’Connor

Sandra Peters

Lucy Pinkus

Louie Renault

Malo Renault

Simon Renault

Mary Ellen Rudolph

Christopher Smith

Cindy Waters

Daniela Stewart

Emily Stewart

Joseph Voto


Heartfelt thanks to everyone who worked on this project. 


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